McCurdy, J.A. Douglas

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Born:             1886, Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Died:              1961

Field:             Aircraft designer and builder



Worked with A. G. Bell and others of the Aerial Experiment Association in Baddeck on powered heavier-than-air flight. Chief designer and builder, and ultimately first pilot of the “Silver Dart”, which made the first manned airplane flight* in the British Empire (23 Feb. 1909). Was issued the first pilot’s license in Canada (1910), sent the first wireless message from an aircraft, and set the world record for over-water flight in 1911. National Historic Person of Canada, 1974.

* “Casey” Baldwin was the first British subject to fly, but this was at the US base of the Aerial Experiment Association team in New York State, 12 March 1908, in “Red Wing”.


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