About NSIS

The Nova Scotian Institute of Science was founded in 1862 as a direct descendant of the Halifax Mechanics’ Institute (1831–1860) and the Halifax Literary and Scientific Society (1839–1862). It is one of the oldest learned societies in Canada. The Institute was incorporated by an Act of the Nova Scotia Legislature in 1890, the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia in 1967, and received its first grant from the Legislature in 1867. The 101st Annual Meeting of the Institute was held on 15 October 1962; the Presidential Address was delivered by W.J. Archibald, Professor of Physics at Dalhousie University. The 151st Annual General Meeting of the Institute was held on 8 May 2012. The Institute provides a meeting place for scientists and those interested in science. Among its roles are stimulation of scientific research and provision of scientific information to scientists and the general public. The Institute has a unique part to play as it facilitates communication among scientists, technologists, educators, administrators, and the community through public lectures, discussion panels, its Proceedings and the Internet.

Current Executives.

Current Executives
Associate Editor

President: Stephanie MacQuarrie

Assoc. Dean of Science and Technology, and Assoc. Prof of Chemistry
Cape Breton University

Vice President: Jillian Phillips

Discovery Centre (Manager of Science Education)

Past-President: Tamara Franz-Odendaal

Professor, Dept. of Biology
Mount Saint Vincent University

Secretary: Henry (Hank) Bird

Bell Laboratories (Retired)

Treasurer: Angelica Silva

Research Scientist
Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Membership Officer: Jinshan Xu

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Librarian: Vacant

Editor: Peter Wells

Adjunct Professor, Marine Affairs Program
Dalhousie University: Faculty of Management, and International Ocean Institute

Webmaster: Romman Muntzar

Research Assistant
Mount Saint Vincent University

Publicity Officer: Brent Robicheau

Postdoctoral Researcher
Clark University (MA, USA)

Speaker Series Chair: Alana Pindar

Weston Family Visiting Professor (Ecosystem Health and Food Security)
Cape Breton University

Councillor: Anne Dalziel

Associate Professor (Biology)
Saint Mary's University

Councillor: Shannon Ezzat

Cape Breton University

Councillor: Bruce Hatcher

Cape Breton University

Councillor: Judy MacInnis

Cape Breton University

Observer: Adam Brown

Cape Breton University

Observer: Jennifer Sawlor

Public Schools

Student Rep: Ale Torres

Mount Saint Vincent University

Student Rep: Audrey Salinger

Saint Mary's University

Associate Editor: David Richardson

Dean Emeritus, Dept. of Environmental Science
Saint Mary’s University

What We Do.

Here are some ways you can be more involved with the NSIS


About The Library.

The library of the NSIS is located in the Killam Memorial Library, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The collection consists of scholarly journals and scientific publications that have been sent to the Institute by scholarly societies from around the world during a period of more than a century. Some of the periodical titles are not available anywhere else in Canada


Carol Richardson
c/o Reference and Research Services
Killam Memorial Library,
6225 University Avenue, PO Box 15000,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3H 4R2
E-mail: [email protected]