Creed, Frederick G.

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Born:             1871, Mill Village, Nova Scotia

Died:              1957, London, England

Field:             Inventor



A Canadian inventor, who worked in the field of telecommunications, and played an early role in the development of SWATH vessels, The CCGC Frederick G Creed, a SWATH vessel, is named after him. The acronym “SWATH” (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) was coined in 1973 by U. S. Navy technocrats who promote its use, rather than “semi-submerged” ship or catamaran, to distinguish this concept from conventional catamarans. In 1938, Creed presented his idea for a small- waterplane-area twin-hull aircraft carrier to the British Admiralty. Several years later Creed is permitted to show it to the U.S. Navy, but they do not pursue the concept. In 1946 – Frederick Creed is awarded a British patent

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